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Best Fence Contractor for Privacy Fence
Best Fence Contractor for Privacy Fence

Our Story: Building Trust One Fence at a Time

At Delta Fence and Construction, we’re more than just fence contractors in Heritage Park, Houston, TX – we’re creators of functional artistry. With over a decade of experience, our journey began with a vision to enhance the aesthetic and security of Heritage Park, Houston, TX. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver meticulously crafted fences that stand the test of time. We take pride in being a cornerstone of trust within our community, offering tailored solutions that surpass expectations. Let us turn your fencing dreams into reality.

“Every fence we build is a testament to our passion for blending craftsmanship and security. Our mission is to shape not only physical boundaries but also lasting impressions.” – [Owner’s Name]

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OM SO (OmSo73)
OM SO (OmSo73)
Mr. Burns and his team did an excellent work! They took down our old fence and installed the new fence in just one day! I highly recommend them for your fence replacement!
Sue Dawson
Sue Dawson
James and his crew are top notch. From the estimate to the completion of the job James was as professional as they come. They showed up ON TIME, and finished the job within the time frame he quoted. The communication was great, he answered all my questions and his crew left my yard in perfect condition. This was the second job we had James do for us - he installed a French drain a few months ago and did a great job on that, too!! If you are looking for a great job at a fair price, James and his crew are who you should be calling.
Richard Hedrick
Richard Hedrick
James Burns is one of the good guys. He gave me a great price and installed the fence within days of the estimate. I really like how they removed all the concrete where the old posts used to be. They also cleaned up and spread the excess dirt very good. I have already had compliments on my new fence. Highly recommend.
Stuart Strack
Stuart Strack
James did a great job - highly recommended him
Dennis H
Dennis H
James and his team did a great job. They took down our old fence and installed the new one in 1 day and completely cleaned up afterwards. I highly recommend them!
Nick Ruppelt
Nick Ruppelt
James and his team did a professional job from the quote to the finished product. I would highly recommend using Burns Enterprises for your projects. They produce quality work in a very timely manner.
Sergio Cantu
Sergio Cantu
Great quality and on time service.
Todd Neilon
Todd Neilon
We lost over 200 feet of fencing during a recent storm, as did many many other in the surrounding area. Not only did we get a beautiful fence up within 2 days, the work was clean, professional and all that was promised. All of our old wood was hauled away and they even took some storm debris too! We have animals that were dying to have their yard back so this really helped get us through what could have been a really rough time. We will choose Burns Enterprises every time!
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Professional Fencing Services in Heritage Park, Houston, TX

Fence contractors in Houston for Custom Gates | Wood

Yearning for serenity in the heart of Heritage Park? Safeguard your space with our masterful privacy fence installations. Our team, equipped with unparalleled expertise, meticulously constructs barriers that not only shield your property from prying eyes but also elevate its visual allure. Count on us to combine top-quality materials with precision installation, creating a haven of privacy and elegance where you can escape the outside world. Our privacy fences not only provide solitude but also enhance your property’s appeal, ensuring it becomes a true sanctuary you’re proud to call your own.

Desire a fence that stands the test of time and style? Our metal fence installations unite endurance with contemporary charm. Drawing from extensive experience in metalwork, we craft fences that marry resilience with a sleek, modern aesthetic. From ornamental designs to minimalist patterns, our fences provide lasting protection against the elements, ensuring your property remains secure and visually captivating. Rest easy knowing that your investment in our metal fences is an investment in the enduring beauty and safety of your property.

Metal Fence Installation
Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Craving security without sacrificing elegance? Our wrought iron fences offer an artistic and robust solution. With mastery in wrought iron craftsmanship, we blend artistry with functionality, resulting in fences that not only fortify your property but also enhance its timeless beauty. Transform your perimeter into a stunning work of art, a sentinel that deters intruders and welcomes admiration from all who pass by. Our wrought iron fences do more than secure; they become a testament to your property’s sophistication and your commitment to both safety and aesthetics.

Challenged by the demands of rural property protection? Enter our farm fences, a practical and aesthetic solution in one. Tailored for the unique needs of rural life, our farm fences are built to endure the rigors of agriculture. Rely on our seasoned expertise to create fences that not only preserve the safety of your livestock and crops but also contribute to the scenic charm of Heritage Park’s countryside. Our farm fences are more than barriers; they’re a reflection of the values that make your rural property thrive.

Farm Fences - Ranch Fence Installation by Delta Fence and Construction
Premier Fence Contractor for Chain Link Fence Installation

Striking the balance between security and transparency isn’t easy—unless you have our chain link fences. Our installations excel at providing an unobstructed view of your property while forming an effective barrier against unauthorized access. Built with precision and fortified with our experience, these fences grant you peace of mind without compromising the visibility that makes your property shine. Our chain link fences combine practicality and security, a testament to our commitment to both your needs and your property’s aesthetic integrity.

Yearn for an entrance that narrates your story? Our custom gates embody your individuality. Crafting gateways that seamlessly blend aesthetics and security, our team brings your unique ideas to life. Our deep understanding of design and function ensures that each gate we create becomes an extension of your property’s character. Expect admiration from guests and a sense of pride every time you pass through your distinctly personalized entrance. Our custom gates are more than entrances; they’re a testament to your property’s uniqueness and your discerning taste.

Experienced Fence Contractor for Privacy Fence Installation
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Our Seamless Fencing Process

At Delta Fence and Construction, we provide high-quality fence installation services that meet your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you install a fence that meets all your requirements.

Consultation & Design

Collaborate with our experts to bring your vision to life. We tailor designs to your needs, ensuring a perfect match.

Precision Installation

Experience seamless construction as we expertly install your fence. Meticulous craftsmanship is our hallmark.

Lasting Satisfaction

Enjoy your fence worry-free. Our quality guarantees and local presence ensure long-term satisfaction.

Serving Heritage Park and Beyond

Providing our top-tier fencing services to Heritage Park, Houston, TX, and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of materials, including wood, vinyl, and composite, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your aesthetics and budget.

Our metal fences are built to withstand various weather conditions. We use high-quality materials and finishes to ensure long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance.

Absolutely! Our team specializes in creating custom wrought iron fence designs tailored to your preferences, ensuring seamless integration with your property’s aesthetic.

While farm fences are commonly used in rural settings, their rustic charm and practicality can complement a variety of properties. Our experts can adapt farm fences to suit your unique needs and location.

Preserving Heritage Park: Unveiling Tailored Fencing Solutions

With a rich history and a population of over 2,000, Heritage Park in Houston, TX, is a cherished gem. Our tailored fences blend seamlessly with the park’s aesthetics, ensuring both security and beauty.
Heritage Park’s coordinates 29.7599° N latitude and 95.3622° W longitude have witnessed numerous events. Our fencing solutions, meticulously designed, add a touch of elegance while preserving the historical essence. Beyond population counts, we value the community’s needs, offering durable, customizable options.
Step into the past while securing the future. Our fencing installations encompass the park’s 1.2 square miles, crafted to complement its character. Every corner tells a story, and our fences become a part of that narrative. Don’t just visit; be a part of Heritage Park’s evolution.
Experience safety and sophistication hand in hand. Engage with us to discover how our tailored fencing solutions align with Heritage Park’s spirit. Join hands with our experts to create a seamless blend of aesthetics and function. Let’s redefine the boundaries of the park while safeguarding its legacy.
Explore Heritage Park with fresh eyes – our fences become more than structures; they’re a bridge to history. Connect with us to witness the harmonious fusion of past and present. As you stroll through the park, envision our fences adding a touch of modernity while paying homage to the past. Engage today, and be a part of the transformation.
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